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US aquaculture association decries 'malicious, unacceptable' practices depicted in Cooke salmon video

National Aquaculture Association comes out against 'malicious acts of animal abuse.'

The US National Aquaculture Association issued a statement Monday urging the public to immediately report animal abuse to farm owners, managers or public authorities when farm managers are unresponsive to reports of mistreatment.

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The association said it was moved to make the comments after animal welfare group Compassion Over Killing (COK) released an undercover video depicting "inappropriate and unacceptable" live fish handling at a salmon hatchery.

COK went undercover at Cooke Aquaculture's operations in Bingham, Maine, an Atlantic salmon hatchery that supplies to Martha Stewart's True North Seafood line.

A disturbing video shows workers stomping on the heads of salmon.

"The National Aquaculture Association does not support or condone malicious acts of animal abuse," the statement said. "Successful farming depends upon healthy animals and conscientious care."

The $1.8 billion (€1.6 billion) US aquaculture industry produces farm-raised fish, shellfish, aquatic plants and other aquatic products on 5,350 farms across the country.

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