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More than 1,000 fish were dying everyday at Grieg's Rogaland operations

The farm lost 10 percent of its fish over the two week period.

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About 1,000 fish were dying daily at Norwegian salmon giant Grieg Seafood's Rogaland operations, but the Fish Health and Environment (Fomas) still hasn't found the cause.

The total mortality rate in the single cage was about 10 percent over two weeks up to Aug. 30.

Despite finding no evidence of infectious diseases, the dead fish tested positive for peritonitis, an inflammation of the peritoneum that could have resulted from vaccinations.

However, this discovery is not the cause for the mortality, Fomas told IntraFish.

"It's just an explanation that we haven't found primary illnesses as the cause of mortality," said Solveig Nygaard, a veterinary and fish specialist for Fomas.

The next step will be to take new fish samples and water sample to rule out whether the mortality resulted from environmental issues.

Operations and fish survival are back to normal, Grieg Seafood Press Contact Kristina Furnes told IntraFish.

Grieg Seafood's farm in Rogaland, Western Norway, scored earnings of €2.68 ($3.00) per kilo during the financial half year, a more than two-fold improvement from last year.

The company outperformed in Rogaland during the second quarter of 2019.

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