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Fledgling US land-based salmon farmer Whole Oceans said Monday it has obtained submerged lands leases for use of a parcel of property along Maine's Penobscot River.

The company is building a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) technology fish farm that will raise Atlantic salmon in the heart of Bucksport, Maine.

Because Maine owns all submerged lands, the leases grant rights to Whole Oceans to maintain, repair and use existing intake and outfall structures on the property that are below the mean low water line. The leases are valid until 2034.

“We are excited to continue to make progress towards breaking ground on the project,” said Jacob Bartlett, CEO of Whole Oceans. “The company is currently hiring people with decades of industry experience for leadership positions such as our new hatchery manager, Orfa Cabrera as well as planning for construction.”

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