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Wilbur-Ellis acquires company, venturing further into aquaculture feed

Rangen is focused on aquaculture feed and is based in the United States.

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Wilbur-Ellis announced on Tuesday it has acquired US-based feed company Rangen, particularly for its potential to open up the aquaculture sector for the animal nutrition giant.

Rangen has been in the aquaculture and feed production industry for over 90 years, owning several feed producing facilities focused on aquaculture. With the acquisition Wilbur-Ellis will be acquiring two plants in Idaho, as well as an aquaculture feed plant in Texas.

Andrew Loder, president of the nutrition division of Wilbur-Ellis, said that Rangen is a "strategic fit" for the company, and that the acquisition was a "significant turning point" particularly as the company wishes to venture further into aquaculture.

"It significantly expands our aquaculture business, immediately giving Wilbur-Ellis a nationwide platform from which to expand in one of the fastest-growing markets in the global feed industry."

Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition generates over $500 million (€454 million) in sales revenue annually in over 30 locations across the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Japan.

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