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Letter: Patagonia is right; salmon farmers 'peddling propaganda'

The following letter was sent to IntraFish by Laurence Hutchinson, CEO Freshwater Solutions, in response to our column entitled, It's time to silence Patagonia.

The aquaculture industry (salmon sector) has been peddling the same propaganda about how it does it things for years. It has forever been trying hard to combat all the issues it faces rearing and growing a migratory fish species in an artificial environment with artificial foods. It has yet to solve these problems over 30 years but has made these same claims for years.

It's time to silence Patagonia

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The industry is pretty secretive about how it does what, as it needs to encourage investors. That Patagonia is having a go at Chilean salmon production is not all bad, large dictatorships need to be questioned, as pollution is a major issue in this industry. As long as one needs to provide artificial food for these farmed fish, using natural resources as raw materials will almost certainly not be sustainable.

Industrially produced foods may well make money, but one has to question the cost to the environment. It is of the greatest importance to all mankind as we all well know.

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