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Family feud over lobster fishing grounds turns violent

Three men were charged.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) arrested three men after a long dispute between two fishermen families boiled over into a fight between six people in Little Harbour, Canada, reports CBC.

The three men were charged with assault, including 49-year-old Little Harbour fisherman Colin McKay. He and his son were each charged with assault and breach of an undertaking. The third man, a 33-year-old Southwest Cove resident, was also charged with assault with a weapon, but the RMCP did not disclose his identity.

Two men confronted a man in his home after which two other men joined in and a fight broke out, according to RCMP press release.

Authorities reported three injuries.

A search of court orders found previous charges against McKay, who had been convicted five times since 2002.

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