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Vónin expands with Iceland branch

Faroese fishing gear supplier Vónin has set up a new office in Iceland, appointing Björn Jóhannsson as its Icelandic sales manager.

Faroese fishing gear supplier Vónin has set up a new office in Iceland, appointing Björn  Jóhannsson as its Icelandic sales manager. According to managing director Hjalmar Petersen, this is a logical step as Icelandic operators are increasingly seeking Vónin fishing gear.


“This is mainly pelagic gear, but there is also interest in demersal trawls and some very strong interest in the whole range of aquaculture equipment that Vónin carries. We have taken this step to get closer contact with the Icelandic market and to be able to offer better service. We have appointed Björn Jóhannsson as he is a familiar figure in the Icelandic fishing industry and we are very happy to have him on the team,’ Hjalmar Petersen commented.




Growing up around the two vessels that his family owned, Björn Jóhannsson has been close to the fishing business since childhood. Over the years he has been a fisherman, managed a cold store, sold fish and has been involved in the fishing gear supply sector for a long time.


Vónin has long had a presence on the Icelandic market, primarily for its pelagic gear, and there has been a round of notable deals recently, with three large pelagic vessels being supplied with 2304m pelagic trawls for blue whiting, all made in Vónin’s Capto rope in the hand-spliced front sections.


Beitir, Börkur and Vilhelm Thorsteinsson have all been supplied with these trawls, and Beitir and Vilhelm Thorsteinsson also took 14.50m2 Injector Monarch doors as part of the package.


“Börkur had already bought a set of Monarch doors last year,” Björn Jóhannsson said, commenting that another pelagic vessel, Hoffell, has taken a smaller trawl measuring 2016m with a 13.50m2 pair of Monarch doors. Another east coast pelagic vessel, Birtingur, has also taken a 700 tonne codend from Vónin.


“The trawls made with this new stiffer Capto material have performed extremely well. The gear is light to tow and it’s easy to haul and shoot,” he said, explaining that the trawl is one of Vónin’s tried-and-tested designs that started life as a mackerel net. performing well close to the surface and then providing good results when towed to skim the sea bed at 300 and 400m for blue whiting.


Unlike conventional designs with mesh sections halving in size, this trawl is made with meshes that reduce in each row in a more gradual reduction that helps maintain the shape of the trawl while also minimising bulk and making the gear as a whole lighter to tow. The 2304m trawl even turned out to be as light to tow as the company’s longstanding workhorse, its 2048m trawl, and is flexible enough to be used as easily as a single boat net as towing with a partner as a pair team


“The first one to use this was Faroese pelagic vessel Fagraberg, and they did so well with it that Vónin immediately had orders for the same gear from Tróndur í Gøtu and Christian í Grótinum, before Icelandic skippers started showing a real interest in this gear as well.”

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