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Live fish option for new Norwegain seiner

Combination seine netter and purse seiner Ballstadøy for Rederiet Ballstadøy, based in the Lofoten Islands off Norway’s west coast, is the latest delivery from Vestværftet of Hvide Sande in Denmark.

The new vessel is a Vestværftet design, completed at the yard on a hull constructed at Gdansk in Poland, and delivered to its owners in March.


The new boat got off to a rocky start, but landed two trips of live fish in its first week, and skipper/owner Arnt Helge Sørensen said that he had stuck close to home to begin with, in case there were any teething problems with the new boat.


“It always takes some time to get used to a new boat. But it’s getting better and better, and we’re getting used to each other now,” he said.


The first trip’s catch was 24 tonnes of live and 14 tonnes of gutted fish from seine netting area around Moholmen. Arnt Helge Sørensen and his crew now aim to fish 12000 tonnes of cod between delivery and the end of August


“1200 tonnes this year is basically a realistic goal. The question becomes how much of this we prefer to land as live fish,” he said, commenting that he would normally have expected to have taken his usual 800 tonne quota by September, but the live fish option means possible quota increases and they looked carefully at the option of focusing on landing live rather than frozen fish before embarking on the new Ballstadøy.


In addition to its cod quotas, Ballstadøy has quotas for herring, mackerel, capelin and saithe.


Ballstadøy is built with four tanks with a 400m3 capacity for holding live fish. The boat measures 34.85m overall with a beam of 9.60m and a depth to the shelterdeck of 6.97m. Accommodation is for a crew of up to eight.


The main engine is an ABC 6DZC, delivering 749kW and 1000rpm to drive a Finnøy G50 reduction gear at a 5.04:1 ratio and a Finnøy 2800mm propeller. The reduction gear box has a PTO for the Stamford 720ekW shaft generator. Auxiliary power is provided by a 460ekW Cummins KTA19-DMI coupled to a Stamford generator and a 196ekW Cummins QSB7-DM.


The electrically-powered thrusters are from Brunvoll and these are a 350kW bow thruster and a a 450kW stern thruster. Ballstadøy’s steering is an MT-2500 electric-hydraulic system from Scan-Steering.




The deck equipment starts with a package supplied by SMV Hydraulikk in Norway, with five electric-hydraulic power packs to drive a pair of combination winches and a set of smaller equipment including a breastrope winch, an anchor winch, a capstan and two hose reels. SMV Hydraulikk also supplied the ring needles. Further equipment was fitted by Thyborøn Skibs og Motor for handling purse seine gear, with an all-Triplex setup starting with a 603/360 hauler and an NT-3000 net crane. Also from Triplex are the roller, stacker and the two cranes, a KN-25 deck crane and a KN-10 fish pump crane.


Built for holding live fish, Ballstadøy has five RSW/live fish pumps, an RSW system supplied by Teknotherm and a Normex ozone system. C-Flow manufactured and supplied the Type 3200 live fish vacuum pump system with DN350 hose.

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