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Meet the Fleet: Havfisk's Gadus Neptun

The Norwegian whitefish processor added the new build to its fleet in the first quarter of 2014.

Key facts

  • Name: Gadus Neptun
  • Owner: Havfisk
  • Year built: 2013

Havfisk's Gadus Neptun was delivered in the first quarter of 2014 as a freezer trawler for whitefish and shrimp.

The vessel is outfitted for all-year-round bottom pelagic trawling operations and has two fish receiving bins at its processing facility, as well as H&G, bycatch and gut processing equipment.

Catch is stored at the onboard freezing hold, which has a capacity of 1200m3.

Vessel in Depth:

NameGadus Neptun
OwnerHavfisk ASA managing owner, owned by Norland Havfiske AS, Norway.
Class+1A1 Stern Trawler, E0, CLEAN CLASS, TMON, Silent F,ICE B (hull only)
TypeTwin-screw driven Stern Trawler
Year built2013
ShipyardVard Brattvåg
Length69.8 meters
Breath moulded15.6 meters
Depth main deck6.85 meters
Max. draft midship6.5 meters
Max. scantling draft midship6.5 meters
Gross tonnage3441 metric tons
PerformanceTrial speed at d=5.5 meter to be approx 14.2 knots in calm weather and with clean hull
Main engine2x 2450kW at 720 rpm
Aux engines2x 750 ekW at 1800 rpm
Hybrid propulsion

2x propellers, diameter approximately 3500

2x single input/ single output reduction gear. PTI aft end

2x PTI electrical engines of 2200kW


Tunnel thruster, fwd. of 600kW at 1200rpm

Vessel Capacity

Fuel oil 600m3

Fresh water 150m3

Water ballast 600m3

Cargo Handling

Freezing hold 1200m3

Meal hold 140m3

Packing hold 150m3

Main deck equipment

3x trawl winches 55t

8x sweepline winches 18.0t

3x gilson winches 20.0t

2x cod end winch 15.0t

Net sounding winch

Net drum winch,30.0t

2x ice trawl gallows


Click here for a virtual tour on board Gadus Neptun.

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