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Is China the new frontier in salmon?

Beyond being a massive potential market, China is also increasingly showing signs that it could very well be a production powerhouse.

With a burgeoning population, a rapidly growing demand for high-end, traceable and safe seafood and heavy government investment in aquaculture technology and environmental responsibility, this could well be China's moment in world salmon industry development.

Private equity group to deploy lion's share of fund into China land-based salmon project

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Energy giant China Three Gorges launches first offshore wind, aquaculture project

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If you are a salmon supplier, buyer or investor, the IntraFish Qingdao Leadership Forum, held onsite at the China Fisheries & Seafood Expo on Oct. 31, is an opportunity not to be missed.

The forum will host a lineup of experts, including DNB Equity Research Analyst Alexander Aukner, New World Currents CEO Nicolas Terrazas, BioMar Tongwei Technical Director Henrik Fang Luo as well as Weihai Blue Ocean Aquaculture's William Wang and Norwegian Salmon's Manish Kumar. The event promises to bring lively debate and discussion on China's future in salmon.

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