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Investing in Seafood

With combined revenues of $107 billion the world’s top 150 seafood companies offer a sizeable opportunity for investment.

The sector is growing at a faster rate than any other protein industry, and with a keen eye on sustainability and increasing investment in science and modernization, it has potential to be the biggest protein industry of the modern world.

Its biggest challenge is arguably its exposure to environmental unpredictability in the form of unreliable stock data, weather events and disease, but new technology and science is slowly minimizing these risks.

It is also highly fragmented, but consolidation is picking up pace, with 2016 seeing more meaningful M&A activity than ever before and the top 10 companies accounting for almost a third of the top 150’s revenues in 2015.

New entrants and movement into different areas of the industry is also creating some interesting shifts and creating a new level of professionalism and investment in areas previously less well financed. Two of the top 10 companies in this report, for example, didn’t even exist in 2014.

And with size comes stability and increasing opportunities for vertical integration, removing some of the unpredictability from the complex chain of supplies and markets which the industry is built on.

What’s more, there is every sign this consolidation and professionalization will continue.

In market terms, seafood has a strong story.

A greater supply of healthy, affordable protein is necessary to feed the growing world population, and as investment increases and the industry stabilizes there are many wins to be had for those who spotted the opportunity early on.

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