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The Spanish Seafood Report

The Spanish seafood report includes multi-sourced data on the importance of EU and non-EU countries, as a seafood source for the Spanish consumer.

It includes exclusive explanatory graphics showing volume and value figures for seafood exports and imports.

The most comprehensive overview of Spanish seafood sector:

  • Fishing: An overview of the Spanish fishing sector, its vessels, fishing areas, species, people and influencing factors.
  • Aquaculture: The Spanish aquaculture industry, its production, value, species, people and trends.
  • Consumption: The products, spend, categories and purchasing trends affecting demand in the Spanish market.
  • Processing: The capacity, products and trends affecting Spain’s processing sector.
  • Trade: Imports, exports, the numbers and species behind them and the partners with whom Spain does business.
  • Companies: A rundown of the key Spanish seafood companies, their people, financials, products, M&A and background.

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