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The France Seafood Report

What are the changes impacting one of the EU's largest seafood markets?

France is the second largest aquaculture producer in the European Union behind Spain.

The country’s 155,000 metric-tons-a-year shellfish production industry, worth some €550 million ($682 million), dominates. France is the European Union’s leading oyster producer and a force in mussel growing. In addition to shellfish, France also farms trout, turbot, bass and several other finfish species.

The shellfish industry is made up of some 2,800 companies employing more than 16,000 people. Aquaculture has become a specialty in French regions such as Nouvelle Aquitaine, Hauts de France and Brittany, which account for some 70 percent of national production.

In the bigger picture, France’s 53,000 metric-tons-a-year farmed fish industry is very much small fry compared with the likes of Norway with its annual 1.3 million metric tons.

But what are the prospects for France’s aquaculture sector in this time of rapidly expanding aquaculture operations across Europe and the world?

The new IntraFish “France Seafood Report” explores France’s seafood sector from harvest to consumption.

Areas covered in the report include:

  • General macro-trends affecting the French economy;
  • Production trends for farmed and wild seafood;
  • Import and export trends; and
  • Species-by-species analysis of consumer seafood consumption.

For more information about the France Seafood Report, click here.