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The Japanese Seafood Market 2015

Japan eats more seafood than any other industrialized nation in the world, and since wild catches have halved, imports have played an increasingly important role.  Meanwhile, an ageing population is playing havoc with the country's economy and the younger generation has dramatically different buying habits and species demands. The result? A rapidly changing marketplace.

In IntraFish's latest industry report, we give you the lowdown on the Japanese seafood market, detailing the top 20 importers as well as consumption, trade, species and pricing trends and key supplying countries. Written by a native Japanese speaker with in-depth knowledge of the country's seafood sector, this report uses multiple sources on the ground to give you a complete picture of the landscape in arguably the world's most important market.

This exclusive report includes:

  • Trends affecting the market: economy, population, sales channels.
  • Key statistics: import species by volume and value; top importing countries by volume and value; month by month consumption values; regional consumption; sales channels by volume and value.
  • The top 20 seafood importers in Japan, listing company name, key contact and contact details, species, sourcing/distribution channels and background information.
  • Challenges and opportunities in the market and what the future might hold.

For more information and to pre-order your copy, contact us now. This report will be available in October.