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The World’s Top Salmon Producers 2015

A new industry report from IntraFish

Salmon farming has long been at the cutting edge of aquaculture: Its technology, its industrialization, its professionalism and value far surpass that of other sectors. It is also consolidating fast and, in 2014, 74 percent of its volumes were produced by just 25 companies.

IntraFish’s new industry report gives you the lowdown on those 25 key companies: their activities, locations, production volumes, history, owners and key financial data.

It also takes a close look at the events of 2014 and how they shaped the industry and its markets: Production and growth; prices; M&A; and the Russian sanctions. 

The Chilean volcano eruptions in 2015, and how they impacted the salmon industry, can be found in this report.

Along with graphs, stats and key data, this report is the complete guide to today’s salmon industry. Buy your copy now.


  • Background and overview of the world’s top 25 salmon producers

  • Background on world salmon production in 2014, with focus on Norway and Chile, including disease, political growth policies, smolt stocking, mortalities, seawater temperatures, sea lice levels and production costs

  • Global salmon demand: Prices, markets, development

  • Highlight on the impact of Russian sanctions and Chilean volcano eruptions

  • Overview of the largest transactions in the sector during the past 18 months including Mitsubishi-Cermaq; Nova Austral-EWOS; Aquinova-Marine Harvest; and the terminated Aqua Chile-Marine Harvest Chile merger

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