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Industry Report: African Aquaculture - Breaking through the ceiling

A new industry report from IntraFish

There are many challenges to developing aquaculture in Africa. Economic volatility, high production costs, a lack of quality bespoke feed, inadequate technology and know-how resulting in high losses, together with a lack of basic infrastructure such as electricity supply and transport networks all make for a difficult launchpad.

Despite the huge potential for it to succeed, these barriers mean production of the two main species -- tilapia and catfish -- do not currently meet demand. However, economic and political drivers are improving in many countries, indicating that aquaculture is poised for growth, both as a contributor to national food security and as a valuable income stream. In countries where aquaculture is already well developed, certification such as Global GAP is playing an increasingly important part in driving improvements in farm standards.

IntraFish's new industry report on African aquaculture examines both the barriers and the drivers, talking to some of the most important producers operating on the continent, examining the stats and drilling down on what changes and investment needs to happen in the country for it to meet its full potential as an aquaculture producer.

What's in it?

  • overview of species, challenges and key developments in Africa over last 10 years
  • stats from key producing countries: species, volumes and markets - top 10 producing countries and their producers: contacts, volumes, species, history, challenges and developments - expert opinion from African producers and external investors
  • breaking through the ceiling: timescales for change

African aquaculture is ripe for change. Don't miss your opportunity to be part of it and order this report now by emailing: