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Industry report: Beyond the big three

New species research is one of the biggest investments made by the international aquaculture industry, with billions of dollars ploughed into the sector over the last forty years.

The research is often fragmented and, as this report highlights, expensive and worthwhile research is frequently abandoned when the finance source runs dry, leaving valuable findings without a productive conclusion.

Recent years has seen more efforts to continue these projects and communicate results across the world, to drive forward the possibility for real results in the field of new species development.

The bluefin tuna industry has been a good example of this, with co-ordinated efforts coming together across Europe and Asia Pacific to close the life cycle of this endangered species.

With the potential of a multi-billion dollar price tag on a successful tuna farming business, it is perhaps little wonder this species has been so heavily invested in, but what of other species?

This report collates work to date on nine of the world’s most interesting ‘new’ farmed species -- including bluefin tuna – and pins down the real progress and potential of these industries in terms of feasible production; technology developments; finance and markets.

Choosing which species to look at was difficult, but we took input from various expert sources across the research, feed , farming and technology sectors to come up with our final list of what we consider to be nine of the most interesting new species in the field: barramundi; bluefin tuna; crab; eel; grouper; lobster; pomfret; pompano and sole.

While at different stages of research and production, these are all species that we at IntraFish consider not to have reached anywhere near their full potential in the commercial field. While prices vary, they all have strong potential markets and generally weakening wild stocks.

So, if you are interested in what the future of aquaculture potentially holds beyond salmon, shrimp and tilapia, order this report now.


  • Research and production to date.
  • Production hurdles.
  • Market potential.
  • Financing and investment.
  • World production figures.
  • World production hotspots.
  • Pros and cons of each species.

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