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Industry Report: The World's Top 30 Farmed Shrimp Suppliers

Globally, farmed warmwater shrimp accounts for 15 percent of the total value of internationally traded fishery products, and is the top selling seafood item in many countries around the world.

In the United States, for instance, roughly a third of all seafood sold in supermarkets is shrimp, and it is the top seafood consumed, measured on a per-capita basis.

The global shrimp market is also one the most complex of any of the major seafood markets. Production -- both farmed and wild -- is spread around the globe, and international markets utilize dozens of species of shrimp, some just locally, others through a global network of trade.

At the heart of this network is a web of shrimp processors located throughout the world that produce between 3 million and 3.5 million metric tons of a variety of shrimp species each year.

IntraFish Media’s latest report – The World’s Top 30 Farmed Shrimp Suppliers -- can help you make sense of this complicated market.

The World’s Top 30 Farmed Shrimp Suppliers provides the first-ever ranking of the largest shrimp processing companies in the world, based on annual export volume.

The listing includes a comprehensive review of each company, complete with production numbers, contact information, financial results and details of the company’s sales and production strategies.

Also included is a guide to several of the leading shrimp species traded worldwide. The guide provides details on production, taste and texture, nutrition and other qualities.

The best way to understand the complex global shrimp trade is to know who the major players are. This report provides you a quick, detailed reference on the world’s most influential shrimp suppliers.

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