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Industry Report: Farmed Finfish

The farmed finfish report is an indepth review of the tilapia, pangasius, salmon and seabass and seabream industries. Featuring the views of industry experts, and IntraFish’s own reporting and insight, we look at the production, markets and future challenges of the world’s leading farmed finfish species. We also list the top producers for each species, with contact details and a review of their key activities and plans.

The report gives an overview of the production of the four major farmed finfish sectors: pangasius; tilapia; seabass & seabream; and Atlantic salmon.

For each species it gives a detailed overview of the main producing countries, their recent production history, markets, key events and unique challenges. It also gives the top producers for each sector -- four or five for each species -- with contact details, company overview, recent history and fact file of key figures and facts.

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