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How to take advantage of Brazil's evolving retail seafood market

Brazil's consumers are looking for convenience, health and affordability in the foods they buy, opening the door for a new era of seafood consumption in the country.

One of the challenges facing the seafood industry in a carnivorous country such as Brazil is to transform fish into an everyday meal instead of a weekend dish or food to eat in celebration.

Today, Brazil continues to see a relatively low rate of seafood consumption-- an estimated 9 to 10 kilos per capita -- and that has changed little since 2011, leaving plenty of room for improvement for a sector that remains fragmented and largely undeveloped.

But like others around the world, Brazil’s seafood market is evolving as consumers, especially in the larger cities, seek convenience, health, sustainability and affordability in the foods they buy.

While the retail segment in Brazil is highly fragmented, retailers account for around 40 percent of annual total fish and seafood sales in Brazil.

In addition, Brazilian consumers are embracing so-called "Cash and Carry" outlets, known as atacarejos, the fastest-growing retail segment right now. These stores allow consumers – and restaurants – to buy in bulk. Atacarejos increased their share from 12 percent of retail volume sales in 2011 to 17 percent in 2016.

The evolution of Brazil’s seafood market has many seafood industry watchers optimistic about the future of fish and shellfish sales in the country.

To help you understand the major shifts in Brazil’s consumer seafood market, IntraFish has prepared “Brazil’s Seafood Market: A new Dawn.” This 46-page report provides a comprehensive analysis of Brazil’s seafood market, including information on seafood consumption, production, sustainability and trade.

The report includes:

  • An overview of macro trends affecting Brazil’s seafood sector
  • A review of the country's recent economic and political challanges
  • An analysis of Brazil’s seafood sustainability progress
  • A review of trade issues and their impact on Brazil’s seafood supply
  • An analysis of Brazil’s consumer market, with special focuses on cod, salmon, sardines and sushi
  • A comprehensive review of Brazil’s aquaculture industry
  • Profiles of over two dozen of the country’s leading seafood companies.

Email us here to see a preview of the report, or to order and download today.

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