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Seafish: UK seafood sales get big boost over Easter week

This year shoppers spent an extra £9 million on top of regular weekly sales figures.

The Easter holiday week saw a significant growth in seafood sales in the United Kingdom, according to new data from Seafish.

While seafood is normally on the menu for Easter, this year shoppers spent an extra £9 million (€10.2 million/$12 million) on top of regular weekly sales figures, buying more than 470,000 kilos of additional seafood.

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This boost added up to over a million and a half extra units sold around the UK.

Surprisingly, more than 6,700 kilograms of lobster -- representing an 83 percent uplift in sales -- was purchased across the UK during the Easter holidays as buyers shelled out for the premium seafood.

Also driving the growth were some of the UK’s other favorite species. Salmon, cod, tuna, pollock and haddock all performed well as shoppers looked to ensure they were eating their two a week.

Coldwater prawns experienced a 13 percent bump in sales, and the UK ate an extra 90,000 kilos of cod.

"We always expect to see a boost in sales around Easter with people enjoying various seafood offerings with their family and friends," said Suzanne Pegg, market analyst at Seafish.

Rising prices have led to a slight reduction in how much people are willing to buy, but 2017 was a record year for seafood at Easter.

"This year we saw a slight drop in sales value in the Easter fortnight, but a total of £128 million (€145.3 million/$171.3 million) spent on seafood still makes it the second-largest sales figure since 2015," she said.

"The huge growth in lobster is a surprise, with a small but growing number of shoppers choosing what can be a premium and more expensive seafood choice. It’s exciting for the industry."

Despite the increase of sales value in the whole of 2018, seafood sales by volume have gradually declined over the past three years.

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