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Chinese importers, US exporters brace for new seafood tariffs

Alaskan seafood exporters are working to minimize the impact of retaliatory tariffs proposed by China.

Importers of US seafood in China are bracing for the impact of the new tariffs imposed by the government, reports Reuters.

Gao Han, a salesman at Beijing Chaoxing Seafood Company, which sells US lobsters, said that his firm was stocking up before the tariffs hit, but that if the issue persisted they’d have to raise prices or shift supply.

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“There’s nothing we can do if there’s a trade war,” Gao said. “All we can do is adjust our supply chain here depending on the size of the price increases.”

Meanwhile, Alaskan exporters are preparing for China's proposed retaliatory tariffs, as the industry and the government work to reduce the impact it could have, according to The Washington Times.

Governor Bill Walker said his independent administration is working with the state’s seafood industry to lessen the impact of proposed retaliatory tariffs by China

“They really are our market for a lot of our products,” Walker said in an interview.

“We think that, obviously, China is the best fit because of the growing need for liquefied natural gas and their desire to improve air quality. So it’s a natural fit for us.”

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