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New fish consumption campaign launches in Brazil

Industry keen to promote consumption of domestic farmed production.

A Brazilian campaign aimed at boosting fish consumption is being launched in the run-up to the industry's main promotional event, Semana do Peixe (fish week).

The event runs for 15 days from Sept. 1-15.

"We need to stimulate consumption in Brazil," Francisco Medeiros, CEO of aquaculture trade body Peixe BR, said.

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Brazilian per capita fish consumption is stuck at 9.5 kilograms per capita, below the 12 kilograms per capita recommended by the United Nations (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the 20 kilograms per capita global average.

Consumption in Brazil equates to the global average in 1961, industry officials calculate.

Peixe BR is concerned only a third of farmed fish consumed in Brazil are produced in the country and that the majority of fish sold come from imports of salmon and pangasius.

“We have to value farmed fish such as tilapia, tambaqui, pacu, tambacu, pirapitinga, tambatinga and tens of other options," Medeiros said.

Brazilian farmed fish production ran to 691,700 metric tons in 2017, nearly 52 percent of which was from tilapia (357,639 metric tons), native species made up 43.7 percent (302,235 metric tons), while carp and trout accounted for 4.6 percent (31,825 metric tons).

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