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Amazon, Cargill partnering to bring digitalization to salmon farming

Amazon sees ‘massive opportunity’ after visiting one of Leroy’s farms in Norway.

The involvement of e-commerce giant Amazon in aquaculture went a step further last week with a visit to one of Leroy’s salmon sites in Norway.

US feed giant Cargill currently collaborates with Amazon Web Services (AWS), selling aquaculture feed EWOS via the AWS cloud, a step into the digitalization of the aquaculture industry that, according to executives from both firms, will be crucial and beneficial for everyone.

Glenn Gore, head of architecture for AWS, told IntraFish that technology has a major role to play in the development of the salmon industry. He said there is “massive opportunity,” for digitalization in the sector.

“I get to work across a lot of different industries and you take for granted how much digitalization there is. But after visiting one of Leroy’s farms and having seen the salmon industry in action and the scale of it, I see there is so much opportunity here,” Gore said.

The biggest challenge and opportunity is in applying technologies originally developed for other industries that can serve the aquaculture sector.

According to Gore, there is an alignment on culture with Cargill, and the company’s expertise in the food industry will be crucial for the success of this collaboration.

Under the partnership, both companies will work on the creation and adaptation of current solutions to improve the seafood supply chain.

“We’ll work side by side with Cargill solving problems, there is an alignment on culture and on their vision on feeding the world,” Gore said.

Gore visited a Leroy farm near Bergen with 1.7 million fish, something that gave him an idea of the size of the industry and the impact that it has on the environment and in the world.

“Salmon is seen as a wonderful protein and it’s only going to increase. We can help Cargill on their mission, everyone is going to benefit from that,” Gore said.

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The implementation of digital solutions in the feed supply chain will be crucial for the development of the industry for consumers, clients, and producers.

“Better quality salmon, and a better environment -- seeing that we are able to help and to scale this up is a great case for us,” Gore said.

The collaboration between both companies will focus on consumer experience and on changing the culture around data digitalization in the seafood industry, Justin Kershaw, chief information officer (CIO) at Cargill, told IntraFish.

The company is investing in a number of digital and technological solutions, and considers the move with Amazon as a strategic partner will help improve efficiencies in data storage and customer experience across the supply chain.

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