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Mowi's first branded products hit stores, and Polish consumers snap them up

The new brand hit Polish shelves along with a massive marketing campaign last month.

Two weeks into the official launch of the first products under the Mowi brand, Norwegian salmon giant Mowi – formerly Marine Harvest – is struggling to keep up with consumer demand.

“We actually have been notified about first out-of-stock in some locations this week; we're hoping that the start of a national media campaign will improve these results even further,” Emilia Schomburg, Mowi’s brand communication director, told IntraFish.

In 2018, Marine Harvest changed its corporate and brand names to Mowi as part of a nearly $40 million company rebranding.

Mowi chose Poland for the worldwide debut of its brand, and in March seven new products developed for the Mowi Pure line were launched into retail markets in the country.

The new products are backed by a marketing campaign consisting of point-of-sale promotions -- in-store samplings, promotions and events,-- digital and social media activities and a TV advertising campaign kicking off this week.

In addition, the firm’s multi-channel marketing strategy will be supported by outdoor and print communications.

Mowi Pure is the first part of the Mowi range, which will include two other brands: Mowi Signature and Mowi Supreme. The Mowi Pure range has seven different products of cold smoked, hot smoked and fresh salmon portions in various size formats.

“Launching the Mowi brand in Poland is a great opportunity to emphasize the versatility of salmon,” Andreas Johler, managing director of Mowi Brands told IntraFish.

“We will take it out of its dull-dish straitjacket and show consumers how salmon is fun as well as highly nutritious, at any time of day.”

Mowi sells some private-label products in Poland as part of a cooperation with global discounters, but it focuses mainly on branded product.

The new branding strategy is designed to de-commoditize salmon by providing consumers with a cohesive value-added salmon experience.

“Our goal and a role of the brand is to premiumize the salmon proposition, creating a different experience for consumers and value for our customers, leading the growth of the category in all channels,” Emilia Schomburg, Mowi’s brand communication director, told IntraFish.

"The change is clear, instead of a category promotion, the company’s message is that “Mowi salmon fits perfectly in cuisines from around the world,” Johler said. “Think sashimi or tataki from Japan, a Thai curry, Mexican tacos, Italian pasta, steamed, grilled, smoked, salmon… the list is as long as your imagination.”

The Mowi Pure brand features salmon from two farms in Norway. The key points of the Mowi branding message are the sustainability of the product and its low impact on the environment, great taste and color, and nutritional value.

A big part of the campaign will be to sell the story behind the product. A detailed message on the history of Mowi’s history, its salmon genetic selection, the farming process, and the handling of the fish are all included in the brands’ story.

“Our brand claim is as follows: At Mowi we care all the way through; our salmon are carefully fed and selected and delicately cut with great craftsmanship, so you can enjoy, possibly, one of the finest salmon in the world,” Schomburg said.


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