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Week's must-read seafood news: The death of 1,000 fish a day, inside Young's 11th hour sale and Cargill Aqua Nutrition's 'rookie' president

It was another big week in seafood news. Get your teeth into some of the biggest stories.

October continued to provide a wealth of striking news and featured stories. Here we present a round up of some of the most eye-catching.

The death of 1,000 fish a day at Norwegian salmon giant Grieg Seafood's Rogaland's operations in Norway grabbed headlines as authorities struggle to find the cause.

Taking a different view of the salmon industry, land-based farming could become a disruptive technology over the next 10 years, accounting for a quarter of the global salmon supply by 2030, Rabobank analysts said in a new report.

The Groundfish Forum, one of the most elite gatherings for top whitefish executives in seafood, will for the first time be held on US soil next year.

Staying in the US, with Bumble Bee said to be exploring bankruptcy protection, the timing of an announcement that it is changing its broker coverage model to prepare for growth in 2020 and beyond, leaves a number of questions unanswered.

IntraFish Editor Rachel Mutter introduced readers to the new president of Cargill Aqua Nutrition, who, though she has no prior experience in aquaculture, hopes to bring fresh perspective and a strategic mind to the job.

Another attention grabbing story came from the keyboard of IntraFish Executive Editor Drew Cherry, who this week divulged the inside story of Young's Seafood’s 11th hour sale.

'An act of gross negligence': Cooke salmon catastrophe dampens optimism at US Senate hearing on aquaculture growth was the headline penned by IntraFish reporter Rachel Sapin as Seafood advocates, including leaders from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Cargill, testified in support of a bill that would establish a federal system for regulating and permitting offshore aquaculture farms in the United States.

The IntraFish Business Intelligence division kicked off its species report series with a deep dive into the global supply of whitefish, focusing specifically on pollock and Atlantic cod.

The release of that report is timely with news breaking that the Barents Sea cod quota will rise in 2020.

And finally this week we reported on the Longtime FishChoice program director moving on in search of new challenges.

But that's just a flavor of the week's news. To keep on top of all the world's most important seafood business news, sign up to our Editor's Picks newsletter.

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