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Week in Review: China, China, China

Our headline says it all: last week was all about China.

The week started with more made-for-TV trade war rhetoric from the White House, and while nobody has blinked -- yet -- China's threat to levy heft tariffs on US soybean exports sent a shiver through the aquaculture industry, which is bracing for a rise in prices in multiple locations.

Big personnel move this week was High Liner Foods' hire of a new CEO, finally, who will bring an outsider's view to a company that needs some fresh eyes.

We squeezed in a comprehensive pollock market update, that shows a resignation on both the buyer and supplier side that prices will, in fact, continue to rise.

WWF took another swipe and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), calling for some big improvements to the sustainable fisheries certification group. And speaking of sustainable fisheries, Peru's anchovy stocks appear to be ready for heavier fishing.

In farmed whitefish news, the bass and bream industry is continuing to restructure, expand and diversify -- we profiled Turkish group Sagun's latest moves. Brazil's tilapia sector is also seeing signs of expansion as both domestic and global demand picks up.

We also crafted visual looks at the impact of the Brexit debacle and potential seafood losers from the China-US trade war. And don't miss some fantastic executive career advice from Trident Seafoods and Salmon Group.

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