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Groundfish supply projections for 2019 released

Total supply of main whitefish species likely to drop 2.6% in 2019.

The International Groundfish Forum is forecasting a total supply of the main wild-caught whitefish species of 7.06 million metric tons in 2019, a drop of 2.6 percent compared with the 7.25 million metric tons in 2018.

This means next year will likely see 186,000 metric tons less wild whitefish on the market, according to the figures.

The forecast for global wild whitefish supplies was released Wednesday, giving buyers and suppliers across the sector a signpost for the coming year's markets.

You can see the full outlook for all species here.

Of the major whitefish species, the Alaska pollock supply is expected to drop nearly 3 percent in the coming year, driven by volume declines coming out of the United States.

Global cod volumes – both from the Atlantic and Pacific – are also expected to slip next year by a total of 6 percent overall.

The dip in Atlantic cod supply is mainly driven by a decrease in several key areas, including Norway, Russia, Greenland, Canada and the United States, while lower volumes of Pacific cod are coming from the United States and Canada. The supply of Pacific cod from Russia, on the other hand, is expected to rise.

Haddock supplies are expected to remain fairly flat at 312,000 metric tons next year, as are volumes of saithe at 360,000 metric tons.

Atlantic redfish volumes are also expected to be stable at 173,000 metric tons.

Meanwhile, volumes of hake are forecast to increase 2.5 percent on 2018 to reach 1.3 million metric tons, mainly driven by an increase from the EU.

Hoki volumes are expected to stay flat at around 184,000 metric tons, according to the newly released numbers.

At last year's forum, executives predicted the global supply would fall to 7.355 million metric tons in 2018.

One of the industry's most elite events, the Groundfish Forum is open to senior executives of any company which is substantially engaged in the processing of groundfish or the active marketing, distribution and sale of products made from groundfish to the final consumer.

Groundfish includes the major capture species in international trade together with selected farmed finfish species.

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