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Week in Review: US consumption stats; 2018 in a nutshell; Captain Birds Eye to the rescue; Agrosuper makes strides with AquaChile takeover

This was the week that was in seafood.

It’s a week before Christmas, and, as usual at this time of year, IntraFish endeavors to keep the news coming thick and fast, while also recapping the main events of the year gone by.

This past week we broke the latest seafood consumption trends in the United States – namely how US per capita seafood consumption jumped 7.4 percent in 2017, with consumers spending $102 billion on the protein over the period.

The increase was mainly driven by Americans eating more shrimp and salmon, but on the other hand consumption of tilapia and pollock was down during the year.

We also brought you a summary of 2018’s biggest seafood exec changes, as well as the top shrimp stories of the year, while Executive Editor John Fiorillo gave his thoughts on the 10 seafood trends you can bank on in 2019.

The theme of summing up the main stories of the year was continued in our latest podcast in which the team at IntraFish got together to discuss the most salient happenings of 2018 and took a look in the crystal ball at what is likely to happen next year.

The week also saw Editorial Director Drew Cherry dive into how Nomad Foods' resurrection of Birds Eye's iconic mascot Captain Birds Eye, and a renewed focus on 'hero' products, has changed the fortunes of the frozen fish giant.

Meanwhile, Editor Rachel Mutter tried to explain that recurring question of why Millennials don't own a can opener -- a brilliant read.

Israel's AquaMaof announced plans during the week to build a €25 million land-based salmon farm in Russia; the EU set new autonomous tariff quotas, raising limits for Alaska pollock, Atlantic cod and including Pacific salmon for the first time; and Marine Harvest said it was ramping up fillet production at its new Canada plant.

We also heard how Russia’s largest seafood importer DEFA Group has ambitious plans for the fast-moving market; while Singapore tech company Umitron unveiled plans to bring artificial-intelligence to Peru's trout farms.

At the back end of the week, an “historic” agreement was signed between the Governments of British Columbia and several Canadian First Nations groups to curb salmon farming in key waters and help wild salmon stocks.

Cermaq confirmed an ISA outbreak at a salmon farm in Chile; and Agrosuper’s proposed acquisition of AquaChile made significant steps forward – first after gaining approval from the competition authorities and then on Friday the public share offering for the sale kicked off, formally beginning the process of Agrosuper's takeover.

Also on Friday, we revealed how the former Cermaq Chile CEO, Francisco Miranda, will be the new chief operating officer (COO) of Nova Austral, and also how the Norwegian salmon market was “in chaos” headed into pre-Christmas week.

We also continued to roll out our executive outlooks for 2019, hearing from the likes of Arturo Clement, president of SalmonChile; Craig Anderson, CEO of The Scottish Salmon Company; and Sturlaugur​ Haraldsson, MD of Norebo Europe.


So all in all another busy week, but this is just a taster - sign up for our full list of Editor's Picks for more insight to start your week.

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