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Colombian shrimp harvests flourish on back of new agreement

April has seen catches rise from 2 to 40 metric tons per day off the Pacific coast.

Colombian fishermen on the Pacific coast have had record harvests so far in 2016, with 40 metric tons of shrimp per day since the start of April, reports Portafolio.

In previous years, the average was two metric tons per day, but growth has been made possible by an agreement between industrial and artisanal shrimp fisheries in 2015, according to Agriculture Minister Aurelio Iragorri.

As part of that agreement, fishermen pledged to respect closed seasons, good practices and share product processing, which has generated growth in volumes and quality.

"In other words we are not affecting marine ecosystems, but they are getting improved fishing for more than 9,500 families of fisherfolk and industrial dependents on this activity in the region," Iragorri said.

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