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Nasdaq: Norwegian salmon prices continue to rise in week 19

Average prices have seen a nearly 16% increase since a month ago.

Norwegian salmon prices in all categories increased in week 19 to an average NOK 79.71 (€8.30/$9.84) per kilo, according to the latest figures from Nasdaq.

Average prices were NOK 5.34 (€.56/$.66) or 7.16 percent above prices seen the week prior. This is also 15.6 percent above prices seen four weeks ago, and 47.6 percent above prices seen 12 weeks ago.

The 4-5kg category, which made up the largest portion of the market at 27.92 percent, saw average prices of NOK 81 (€8.44/$10.00) per kilo, up 5.31 (€.55/$.66 ) per kilo from the previous week.

The next largest category, salmon weighing between 5-6 kg, was sold at an average NOK 81.84 (€8.52/$10.10) per kilo, up NOK 5.74 (€.60/$.71 )from the week before.

The third most popular category, salmon weighing between 3-4 kg, sold at an average NOK 79.59 (€8.29/$9.82) per kilo, up NOK 4.68 (€.49/$.58) from the previous week.

The Nasdaq salmon index is the weighted average of weekly reported sales prices and corresponding volumes in fresh Atlantic superior salmon, head on gutted (HOG) and reported Nasdaq commodities by a panel of Norwegian salmon exporters and salmon producers with export licenses.

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