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Mowi Scotland sets new record in Rosyth

The company is expanding it Rosyth capacity with a new section, increased storage space.

Norwegian salmon giant Mowi set a record in its Rosyth operations in June, following a 43 percent surge in volumes harvested compared to the same period last year.

The facility produced volumes of 8,900 metric tons, marking the best month ever, the company reported in its newsletter.

The Rosyth site also hit the record of processing 485 metric tons in a week of head on gutted salmon in June.

Expansions are underway in the Rosyth facilities including an increase in chilled storage capacity, and developing Hall B.

A new byproducts area will be built as well since the company defined it as a growth area back in February.

In addition, the company launched virtual reality technology at Rosyth's consumer products division.

All expansion plans at the Rosyth site will be complete by autumn.

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