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Blumar suspends production, AquaChile running normally amid 24-hour general strike

Airport workers have also joined the one day strike further complicating the logistics situation for producers.

Chilean salmon producer Blumar has voluntarily suspended processing for 24 hours as a precaution with Chile facing a one-day general strike.

"In our case, we preferred to hold our processes in plants for 24 hours, in order to guarantee the safety and security of our workers," Blumar Commercial Director Daniel Montoya told IntraFish.

Logistics still a worry as Chile's salmon farming sector returns to normal

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Plant workers were being hindered from getting to and from their workplaces by a lack of public transport, a situation that was likely to deteriorate as the day wears on, one industry source told IntraFish.

Airport workers from the capital city of Santiago, the main route out of Chile for salmon, have also joined the strike, further complicating logistics situation for producers.

A source familiar with the situation at AquaChile told IntraFish "everything [is] functioning normally."

Salmon production, harvesting and processing operations in Chile were returning to normal after three weeks of civil unrest that left the sector running well below capacity.

Blockade lifted on critical Chilean salmon supply line

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Nearly three weeks of protests hindered logistics in Chile. The protests began after a price hike was announced for fares on the metro in Chile's capital city of Santiago and then spread to other cities and locations around the country.

The processing hub of Quellon on Chile's southern Chiloe island , which has only one access road and can only be reached by ferry, quickly became a strategic target for demonstrators.

IntraFish has so far been unable to reach other salmon producers.

Developing story - check back for updates.

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