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Irish lumpfish hatchery chooses TMC Commercial to supply RAS and LED Lighting

Installation of advanced filtration system and biologically-optimized lighting sets stage for improved production of fish that are on the front line of the fight against sea lice on salmon farms.

Sponsor content from TMC Commercial & BioLumen
August 13, 2018

Bantry Marine Research Station (BMRS), a biotechnology company based in Ireland, is in the final stages of setting up a new lumpfish hatchery on the shores of Bantry Bay in County Cork.

BMRS, which is privately owned and holds the only aquaculture research license in Ireland, intends to produce cleaner fish for on-farm trials and run a broodstock development project, and associated field studies, under a broader effort to support what is widely touted as a sustainable approach to sea lice management for salmon farms.

22c672934220126e109c312cd433b3df Cyclopterus lumpus, are ready for deployment in the fight against sea lice when they weigh in at around 15 grams. Photo: BMRS

Upon completion the new purpose-built marine hatchery will be equipped with three recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). TMC Commercial (TMC), an affiliate of Europe’s largest wholesaler of ornamental marine livestock, Tropical Marine Centre based in the UK, has been chosen as the supplier of the RAS for the incubation and larval rearing units. TMC Commercial manufactures and supplies complete recirculation filtration systems up to 100m3, as well as LED lighting and control systems, suitable for hatchery, brood-stock and shellfish holding applications.

BMRS Hatchery Manager Luke Wilson says TMC’s filtration systems were chosen, in part, because of the company’s previous experience with cleaner fish hatcheries in Scotland and England, and the fact that the equipment is largely plug-and-play.


The RAS includes an incubation unit consisting of 10 x 0.6 m3 tanks, a larval rearing unit with 10 x 2 m3 tanks, and a nursery area with 12 x 10 m3 tanks. The state-of-the-art RAS for the incubation and larval rearing systems feature fluidised sand filters, trickle bio towers, protein skimmers, UV sterilisers, mechanical filtration and ozone, plus associated controls.

Let there be light

The hatchery also opted for TMC’s BioLumen lighting system, which includes LED fixtures and a central controller. Wilson is confident that the investment will pay off in more ways than one.

“TMC’s BioLumen lighting system offers not only an energy saving alternative to traditional lighting methods, but full controllability,” he said. “I’m eager to see how the system delivers, not just on cost savings, but on potential biological wins too. Lighting is not an area many people give due consideration to, but the science behind it certainly makes sense.”

BioLumen has an industry-wide patent on its “Nature Perfect” range of fixtures, which have a spectral output specially designed for aquatic applications and these lights are at the core of its modular system. Spokesman Gyles Westcott notes an integrated control system provides precision and independence across each production stage, from incubation to grow-out.

“This means that all the critical lighting variables – spectrum, intensity and photoperiod – can be optimized to meet the changing photobiology of each developmental stage as the fish grow and develop within the system,” he explained.

Nick Bridel, TMC’s COO and Commercial Systems Manager, believes the combination of state-of-the-art RAS and advanced lighting systems will help hatcheries like BMRS enhance production.

“We are delighted that BMRS has put their faith in us, and we look forward to working with Luke and the rest of the team at Bantry as the system comes on-line,” he said. “We’re confident that it will become a great reference site in terms of how RAS, together with lighting technology, can improve production outcomes.”

e6ad4e411fe0b865da3c7b7b0a9af765 The dashboard for BioLumen's control system. Photo: TMC Commercial

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