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Afritex to lead SFP-backed tuna FIP in East Africa

Afritex Ventures teams with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership to develop and launch Fisheries Improvement Plan for long-line tuna fisheries in Mozambique and Mauritius.

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Sustainable Fisheries Partnership & Afritex Ventures
November 06, 2018

Initiating and running an industry-led Fisheries Improvement Plan (FIP) is not necessarily an easy task for fishing and seafood companies, especially in more complicated fisheries. The Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) is therefore working closely with Afritex Ventures to help them develop and launch a FIP for the Mozambique and Mauritius long-line tuna fisheries.

The FIP, which will be led by Afritex, has attracted the full support of the Mauritian and Mozambique authorities, and will utilize local technical expertise.

SFP has completed an initial evaluation and field visit. The next step is to assist Afritex and local FIP stakeholders to develop the full work plan, budget and implementation arrangements. Afritex expects to publicly launch and report the FIP by the end of 2018.

SFP will continue to work closely with the FIP, via the Global Fresh & Frozen Tuna Supply Chain Roundtable, which is bringing suppliers and importers together to coordinate improvement efforts in tuna fisheries in the Indian Ocean and the western and central Pacific.

David Diamond, Chairman of Afritex Ventures Ltd, said:

“Sustainability is, and has always been, the cornerstone of our operations. It starts with our management and is continued by all of our staff who understand the importance of protecting the environment and the resources we are privileged to harvest. From the outset, Afritex and all our divisions, have engaged in better fishing principles that have been based on years of experience and sound scientific advice. We were the first tuna company to receive Dolphin Safe certification in Mozambique and carried this through to our Mauritius operations as well. Having recently signed an engagement agreement with SFP, we will lead the FIP for long line caught tuna, swordfish and mahi in both Mauritius and Mozambique. We are privileged that SFP has agreed to partner with us in getting this FIP launched. Our new Afritex retail products will shortly be available on the shelves of leading USA and European retailers, who share a similar concern for protecting the environment.”

Tom Pickerell, SFP Global Tuna Director commented:

“We look forward to helping Afritex to improve the sustainability of their source fisheries via this industry-led FIP, and through participation in both SFP’s Target 75 Initiative and the Supply Chain Roundtable.”

M.S. Koonjul, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Ocean Economy, added:

“The Mauritian Ministry is supportive of the Afritex initiative with regard to the sustainability program undertaken through the formulation of the above mentioned FIP within the framework of the Fisheries Sustainability Partnership (FSP) program”.

About Afritex Ventures

Afritex is holding company with strategic investments in African fishing operations that market seafood to a global network of customers, with fully operational state of the art fishing and processing facilities in Mauritius and Mozambique and a global retail operation in South Africa.

About SFP

SFP is an NGO dedicated to rebuilding depleted fish stocks and reducing the environmental and social impacts of fishing and fish farming through engaging fishery stakeholders and seafood businesses in every part of the supply chain. The organization works to improve fisheries through Fishery Improvement Projects, which are multi-stakeholder bodies that seek to advance the sustainability of fisheries.