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An innovative way to reduce Listeria risks on salmon

Most salmon producers don’t realize they have a Listeria problem until it’s too late. Bacteriophages—one of the world's smallest, most abundant organisms—are on the front line of the fight to avoid outbreaks.

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Written by
Dirk de Meester, Director Business Development, Micreos Food Safety
January 02, 2019

There are numerous ways that smoked salmon can be contaminated by Listeria. For starters, fish enter processing with naturally occurring contamination. After that, many opportunities for cross-contamination arise. Common causes of Listeria contamination include poor sanitary practices, contaminated processing and preparation environments and temperature fluctuations during storage.

Unfortunately, most salmon producers don’t realize they have a Listeria problem until it’s too late. This is a big deal because the financial implications of a recall, or worse—an outbreak— can be devastating. The impact on human health can be incredibly disastrous too. Listeriosis—the disease caused by Listeria—is the deadliest of all foodborne pathogens, claiming the lives of roughly 20% of those afflicted by it.

As the global market for smoked fish continues to grow, we can expect the occurrence of Listeria in salmon to increase—unless salmon producers take proactive steps to prevent this. The good news is that this is much easier than it may sound. By using bacteriophages (or “phages” for short) to target Listeria, salmon producers can reduce the likelihood of a recall or an outbreak—mitigating risks while shoring up their bottom line.

More information about Listeria, and the risks that all producers and retailers of smoked fish should be aware of, is available in a whitepaper written by PhageGuard, a pioneer in the use of bacteriophages in the fight against Listeria. Download the whitepaper to learn about:

  • What Listeria is
  • The implications Listeria can have on human health
  • How Listeria is spread on salmon
  • How phages help reduce the likelihood of a Listeria recall or outbreak
  • Why PhageGuard Listex is a great product for preventing Listeria contamination on salmon
  • How you can use PhageGuard Listex to reduce Listeria risks during salmon processing