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Australian RAS player primed for expansion

Industry veteran Tim Graham poised to lead PFG Group’s push for bigger slices of both marine and land-based aquaculture markets while foray into lobsters gains traction.

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NHST Global Publications in collaboration with PFG Group
February 27, 2019

Diversified Australian manufacturer PFG Group (PFG) is mounting a campaign aimed at expanding its presence in the recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) market at home and abroad.

The push follows the appointment of industry veteran Tim Graham as the new head of the Tasmania-based company’s aquaculture division.

In a statement CEO Michael Sylvester touted the appointment as a pivotal step towards the broader expansion of PFG’s RAS design, manufacturing and installation capabilities.

“PFG has been partnering with industry for many years to develop solutions across all forms of aquaculture including RAS,” he said.

“The opportunity to recruit someone with the high caliber of experience and capability such as Tim into our team is really exciting. We have enhanced our value proposition for existing customers and we are really confident that we will attract new customers to PFG.”


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Graham has been active in the aquaculture, seafood, public aquarium and water treatment industries for more than 20 years. Prior to PFG his career included tours with Phillips Foods, Cleanseas Tuna, Aquatic Environmental Systems, Ionics Inc. and Atlantis Resources. In addition to the expansion of PFG’s RAS business Graham will oversee the growth of affiliates Singapore Aqua and Aqua Design & Management in the months ahead.

Graham’s appointment appears to be well timed. PFG says it already has a number of RAS projects in the pipeline, including several associated with high-value species.

Capitalizing on a successful collaboration with Tasmania's Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies (IMAS) PFG has established a sister company, Orna-tas Pty Ltd., to build and operate the world's first commercial scale rock lobster hatchery in southern Tasmania. The facility, which marks the first step towards expanding the capacity of Australia's lucrative rock lobster sector, is on track for completion in 2021.

More recently PFG forged an alliance with Urchinomics B.V. seeking to set up a trial sea urchin ranching site in Australia in the coming months.

afb4035edf7cd520fe46bd3c9fc8eb30 PFG provided commercial due diligence and project governance for a land-based finfish farm in southern China. Photo: PFG

PFG is active in both the marine and land-based aquaculture sectors, across finfish, shellfish and high value species. It is one of the largest aquaculture and marine equipment suppliers in Australia. Clients include Tassal, Huon Aquaculture, Cleanseas Tuna, Stehr Group, Marine Produce Australia, Akaroa Salmon, Indian Ocean Fresh, Shellfish Cultures, New Zealand King Salmon and Sanford Limited, among others.

While PFG maintains a Tasmanian base its global network consists of manufacturing and distribution facilities in three states of Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

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