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Report: Global tuna brands fail to combat slavery at sea

Canned tuna retail brands are poor at tackling modern slavery in the Pacific supply chain, according to a recent report by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.

The report surveyed 35 canned tuna companies and supermarkets representing 80 of the world’s largest canned tuna brands between Nov. 2018 and Jan. 2019.

Report: Half of shelf-stable tuna now sourced sustainably

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Tesco, Walmart, and Costco are three of the 15 retailers who failed to respond to the survey.

Despite two thirds having public human rights policies to counter modern slavery at the sea, the companies fail to implement them. Thai Union, Simplot and Tri Marine said they require subcontractors to enforce the policies in their supply chain, according to the survey.

The Pacific supplies 60 percent of the world’s tuna accounting to a $22 billion (€19.7 billion) industry, however 80 percent of retail tuna brands do not disclose where they source their tuna from, the report revealed.

Out of the 1,500 registered fishing vessels in the Pacific, 80 percent are foreign vessels extracting tuna to supply global tuns trade.

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