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Royal Greenland targets value-added whitefish market with new factory trawler

The two new trawlers represent the largest investment in the company's recent history.

Royal Greenland launched the new on-board production and processing trawler Sisimiut to primarily fish cod and Greenland halibut in the harsh waters of the North Atlantic.

The vessel was optimized for speed, producing at sea and storage capacity with minimum resource utilization.

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The 82-meter-long Sisimiut -- designed by Norwegian company Skipsteknisk -- was delivered to Royal Greenland in May with the first sea trials in Spanish waters.

The trawler arrived to Iceland in June and is currently undergoing the last installations before it joins the rest of the company's pelagic fishery in East Greenland.

Royal Greenland's new trawler has a daily freezing capacity of 65 metric tons and can accommodate 43 crew members on-board.

A fishmeal and oil production facility is installed in the vessel as well as a processing plant especially designed for Greenland halibut, cod, haddock and saithe catches.

The company made the decision to build two new seagoing fishing trawlers back in 2015 to endure the harsher environment in the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

Avataq, the other fishing vessel of the two replacing the older-version of Sisimiut and Qaqqatsiag, is still in the pipeline.

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