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Farmed salmon spot prices dip in all weight categories

After a major rise in spot prices last Friday, the market prices fall to 'the right level.'

Salmon spot prices saw a significant drop of about NOK 10 (€1.00/$1.10) in all weight categories, especially among the larger-sized fish. One industry source said salmon farmers should be satisfied with the price level.
"Norwegians seem worried market prices should fall even more, so we actually got bought out quite early today," a European industry source told IntraFish.
Even though the spot prices dropped, the farmers should be satisfied with the price level since they significantly increased the week prior.

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The rise last week was explained by a Norwegian public holiday decreasing harvest days by one.

Prices IntraFish was given Friday afternoon are a mix of price expectations and actual trade, with prices in northern Norway slightly lower than that in the south.
  • 2-3 kg – NOK 56 (€5.70/$6.40) per kilo
  • 3-4 kg – NOK 60 (€6.10/$6.90) – NOK 63 (€6.40/$7.20) per kilo
  • 4-5 kg ​​– NOK 62 (€6.30/$7.10) – NOK 65 (€6.70/$7.50) per kilo
  • 5-6 kg – NOK 64 (€6.60/$7.40) – NOK 67 (€6.90/$7.70) per kilo
  • 6 kg + - NOK 68 (€7.00/$7.80) – NOK 72 (€7.40/$8.30) per kilo


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