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Subscription Terms

Subscription terms

All IntraFish subscriptions are prepaid and available on a yearly basis. All subscriptions are automatically renewed, unless we are advised otherwise.

A daily newsletter is included in your subscription. As a subscriber you will receive letters, messages and emails from IntraFish. The content of the communication will be service messages, offers and newsletters with useful information regarding the subscription and IntraFish products. IntraFish will treat contact details with confidentiality and not share details with any third-party supplier, and you may at any time unsubscribe from such newsletters.

IntraFish reserves the right to make changes in the product as well as terms and conditions. Major changes will be notified in the paper and/or via email.

Privacy and cookies

IntraFish collects and stores personal data in order to deliver the products you have sign up for and to give you a personalized and valuable service. We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our users in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulations and other current applicable legislations, please read more in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. After subscribing, you can manage your privacy settings and contact us regarding privacy matters via your My IntraFish page.

Login details

Login details are sent to the subscriber only, unless prior permission has been given for login details and passwords to forwarded to a trusted individual. Your login is your email address. If you forget any of these details, please contact us via My IntraFish or select “Forgot your password” on the login page. If you require further help, please contact us without undue delay.

Number of licenses

Please note that the number of licenses (or accesses) to www.intrafish.com is limited to the number of subscriptions on your account and can only be used on a single device at any one time. Your username and password are personal to you and may not be shared by anyone else when you have a single user license.

Rates and payments

Prices are set by IntraFish AS and displayed on the website. We reserve the right to increase our subscription rates. Subscription rate increases are notified via the website. Prices quoted include the magazine and online access depending on your subscription level as well as delivery charges. Local taxes may apply.

Payments are accepted by bank transfer or credit/debit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express and we offer a secure card payment gateway via your My IntraFish page. Bank details are provided on all our invoices, and please note that we do not accept cheques. The subscriber may continue to receive reminders from IntraFish until payment has been received.

Credit terms

Credit terms are 28 days from date of invoice. All invoices are sent out up to two months in advance prior to renewal or any new subscriptions setup at the next available date.


VAT may be charged according to local regulations. VAT applies to digital subscriptions in Norway (25%) and UK (20%), and IntraFish may charge this to a portion of the subscription fee to cover the online content.


IntraFish does not offer discounts on subscriptions. Students and retired professionals may qualify for a discount, subject to valid status documentation. Please contact your nearest sales office regarding this. IntraFish offers volume corporate agreements tailored to each customers’ needs, please inquire further about this with your sales representative.

Subscription amendments

For any changes to your subscription, please update through your profile page on My IntraFish, email sales@intrafish.com or contact your nearest sales office.

Invoice copies

If you require an invoice copy, please email accounts@intrafish.com or contact your local sales office.

Corporate agreements

IntraFish may have an agreement with some corporations. In such cases the terms and conditions of the corporate agreement will override the general terms and conditions.


The magazine and newspaper products are distributed via first class mail, and subject to deadlines stated by the individual mail service companies globally. If you do not receive your copy, please contact your local sales office as soon as possible. Non-delivery complaints will not qualify for a refund unless received without undue delay.  


All subscriptions are renewed unless notice is given. Cancellation is always required in writing either by letter or email. If a cancellation is received after the renewal date, a balance invoice will be payable for the period used. We reserve the right to terminate the subscription at any time due to lack of payment.

Copyright policy/use of editorial content

To protect your subscription investment, we've instituted a security system to protect against the electronic redistribution of copyrighted IntraFish content.

We've done this to ensure that those who have purchased a subscription licence for IntraFish content are protected against non-subscribers gaining free access to content.

Additionally, IntraFish content is copyrighted and IntraFish holds exclusive rights to this material. Any republication, redistribution or re-editing or other use of this material in any form, including by framing or similar means, or by electronic linking, is expressly prohibited without the prior consent of IntraFish. Requests to reproduce any material should be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief at editorial@intrafish.com.

Contact details

Finance – accounts@intrafish.com
Sales – sales@intrafish.com


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